Summer is (coming) at Le Serre

Yes, believe it or not (ignore the stubborn rains: the forecast predicts 30 degrees by May 30th), summer is coming. And yes, the place to be is Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita. You already know that I find this place enchanting. What you don’t know but are about to discover is how rich is the upcoming program for summer (and late spring) 2019.


Rich and free: all concerts, screenings, festivals, dj sets, markets, meeting and jams are free entry.  Mondays and Wednesdays are cinema days, with screenings organized by Mondovisioni (documentaries about current affairs and civil rights), Architexture (movies dedicated to design and architecture) and Tecnica Mista (new trends in the field of animation). Thursdays have screenings too, from old family films collected and restored by the local geniuses of Home Movies to experimental filmmakers, always with  live sonorizations.

Resilienze Festival 2018

Music – mostly but not exclusively electronic and indie – is the biggest presence though, from uber-cool Tabiji (a night in which you can sleep in the “resonant greenhouse” with light music and a live session at sunrise, July 19th) to the Sunday musical matinées (once a month), from the immersions of minimalist electronic music of the Magenta (one tuesday evening per month) to the cool “Magnetic vegetable garden” and “Vertical listenings”, sessions of awareness of listening while immersed in the edible garden. Finally Saturday evenings are devoted to the best from the indie scene.

Kinder Wonder

Than we have the festivals, starting this very weekend with I-Ta-Ca, a rich format devoted to conscious travel and migrations. Next weekend (June 1st and 2nd) is the turn of Capsula Market, a little market of auto-productions, independent design, arts and crafts that I personally love (also in June 29-30 and September 7-8). The first weekend of July is then dedicated to families and how to improve parenting skills with Paz Gonçcalves‘s masteclasses, while the last festival of Le Serre’s summer is Resilienze and is dedicated to environmental topics.

Acqua Ponica (2)

Speaking of environment, check the new aquaponics table, where little tanks within the table allow the simultaneous rearing of fish, ornamental plants and vegetables. I wish that table was already there when I celebrated my Birthday party in that same greenhouse some years ago, it would have been cool to have a buffet while fish were swimming on that very table. Wo knows, maybe I can try this year. In the meantime, enjoy the summer at Le Serre. It’s free, and it’s beautiful.

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