Bologna The fat indeed: Biografilm Park is one more occasion to eat and discuss food

If there ever was a place where a film festival is yet another occasion to talk about eating, well that was Bologna, aka City of food. So today there I was at the presentation of Biografilm Park, the series of events taking place alongside Biografilm Festival, and for the first half hour all you could hear was “meatballs”, “sfogline”, “piadina”, “pastries” and so on.


As it happens, for the 13th year Biografilm monopolizes the attention of (some) film lovers and (many) bon vivants with its rich menu of not-just-movies: street food, live concerts, a little park so strategically inserted between the Cineteca and Il Cassero that hanging out there just comes natural in the early summer.

photo by Biografilm

And early summer/late spring has also been, for the last five years, the realm of Biografilm’s “food district” at Parco del Cavaticcio, which starts the first days of june and this year proposes its recipe of food-truck versions of local food landmarks (Pasticceria Borbonica, WellDone, Bolpetta, Forno Brisa, La tua piadina to name but some) plus the addiction of a “Biografilm food academy” that will be hosted at Sympò, a former church turned into an events’ location.

photo by Biografilm

Here show-cookings and food tastings will take place throughout the whole period of the actual festival (June 9/19, while the Park opens Jun 1st). So yes, a relatively new film festival that becomes so big and popular that it doubles its space and adds up some extra movies places for eating. Oh well. City of food, we were saying.

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