Future Film Festival opens Bologna’s film festival season with its lust for animation, rarities and special effects

Bologna’s Future Film Festival was the very first film festival I was ever asked to follow for work. It was 2002 and just like now I couldn’t be less interested – in theory at least – in special effects and cinema based on technology. On the other hand having the chance to write for work, and to write about cinema, well that was cool. So I brought my prejudices with me in a week full of morning screenings and enthusing geeks, and had a lot of fun. That was also the year of Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie, and both movies were released in occasion of the Festival.

The FFF premiere of Amélie in 2002 was followed by a workshop where I learned a thing or two about colour correction and saturation as applied to expressing emotions on screen

Year after year the festival kept growing and its 2017 edition is the number 19. To celebrate  the last year as a teenager, its signature blend of rare gems, 3D works, workshops with animation gurus, dedicated sections for kids (this part actually runs all the year round), special effects and special affection for Japanese cinema (yummy from me!) and a lot of curious stuff you’d probably miss if it wasn’t for  the careful selection of the event’s organisers.

Take for example “Apocalissi a basso costo” (“Low Cost Apocalypses”), the fun-filled section created by longtime movieaholic, proud nerd and friend of mine Carlo Tagliazucca together with Raffaele Meale, fetauring movies with Padana Plane zombies, aliens, ultrabodies, papier-mâché spaceships and much more.


Or take the “Follie Notturne” (“Nightime folies”, quite a self-explaining name) part of the program,  where Japanese schoolgirls holding chainsaws (Hiroki Yamaguchi’s Chainsaw Girl, from Mikamoto manga) share their space with nerds turning into robots (T.Dolberg and G. Zelezniac’s OMG I’m a robot?), to name but some.

OOOLupin the IIIrd Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon 6

Then of course there are the big names (that are usually still quite niche, considerind the target and subject of the Festival, which makes them a lot more interesting inmho) and big titles. There’s a masterclass with special effects artist Victor Perez (he worked on Christopher Dolans’ The dark knight rises and the last episode of the Star Wars franchise Rogue One) and premieres such as Japanese anime The Dragon Dentist and Lupin III: Goemon Ishikawa, a new turn on the Lupin myth.

OOOks_c0428_bamensha_result (1)

First screenings aren’t the most important part here though: what is nice about this festival is that most of the titles won’t be shown on the regular circuit, mostly because considered too extravagant, or niche, or pop, or for kids, or for geeks, or whatever. So, basically, what I suggest you to do is study the program (what I selected was only a very short fraction, probably not the most important and I even forgot to mention this edition’s main focus: “Character wow”, a tribute to unforgettable characters of “non-realistic” cinema, there), grasp your 3D glasses and go have fun at this psychedelic, fun loving festival that opens the majestic Festival season that coincides with late spring and early summer in our festival loving Bologna.

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Future Film Festival begins of May2nd, more info later on, in the meantime enjoy the pics.

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