Palazzo Varignana, side A: beautiful garden and green treasure

There’s a little treasure in the leafy shape of a garden just outside Bologna: Palazzo Varignana, up the hills of Castel San Pietro, is a historical mansion turned resort and Spa (dedicated post on the amazing new indulging space soon to come) that also happens to host a precious garden, so prestigious that it belongs to the Grandi Giardini Italiani‘s network.

Giardino di Palazzo di Varignana_3 Archivio Grandi Giardini Italiani_a.jpg

For “Pasquetta” (Easter monday), most of Italy’s gardens belonging to the network are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, and it there was also supposed to  be one at this very garden. But of course, the very minute I finished writing the dedicated post, te event was cancelled and postpone to who-knows-when.

Schermata 2017-04-13 alle 13.17.57.png

So let’s forget about Easter, eggs and hunts and focus on the garden even more.

Giardino di Palazzo di Varignana_2 Archivio Grandi Giardini Italianib

Extended on a surface of 3 hectares and surrounding the original manor house Villa Amagioia (now hosting two deluxe apartments), this garden is connected to the main (and much bigger: about 17 hectares!) park by a green labyrinth that, designed by Sandro Ricci in 2015, is the only part that wasn’t signed by Antonio Perazzi, landscape gardener and nephew of the late Oriana Fallaci, famous and controversial Italian journalist and international reporter.

GiardinodiPalazzodiVarignana_GrandiGiardiniItaliani (2)

What will you be surrounded by in this panoramical, moderate sized beatiful garden that was literally creatend out of nothing? An impressive collection of oaks, gingko hedges, rose bushes, lines of maple trees and ornamental apple trees, flowery brooms, plus all the scents and colours of “The enchanted april”.


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