The little (free) bookshop round the corner

Every time I go to Libri Liberi with a bag of books to donate, I feel a certain nervousness. This is no ordinary book-crossing venue. The elderly lady who attends to it will take her time to evaluate my volumes one by one, long enough for me to drop my “smug donor” smile, gravely enough … More The little (free) bookshop round the corner

Fruit. It’s hipster-land and I love it!

It might be because of that deep masochism of mine. Because half of the people behind the stalls of Fruit, the Independent publishers’ fair at Palazzo Re Enzo, act just like the stereotypical hipsters: wearing that impeccably assembled vintage outfits and fake-carelessly showing off that perfect haircuts (or mustache), they look at you with genuine disgust and ask … More Fruit. It’s hipster-land and I love it!

5 novels set in Bologna

Oddly enough, when it comes to books set in Bologna, most of them are thrillers. As if this playground of a city (the typical student’s opinion) and foodies’ heaven (tourists’ most popular slogan) would acquire a brand new identity when represented in a book. Because thing is, The Red‘s traditionally cheerful atmosphere becomes, in most writers’ minds, a … More 5 novels set in Bologna