The beauty of being mad: Larry Fink’s photos are silent screams against Donald Trump

Among the advantages of being a daydreaming journalist slash part time flaneur there’s the possibility of accidentally walking into an exhibition’s opening while you’re taking a walk, presenting your press ID and sneaking in even though you weren’t invited or informed of its happening (hey, we’re paid less than decently but at least we get to do the cool stuff). So there I was, thursday afternoon, at the guided tour of Larry Fink: Now! with a very small group of photography students and lovers, and the presentation of the photographer himself.


Larry Fink: Now! is a small and impressive collection of human, female, intense faces during the Women’s marches against Trump that took place in Washington in 2017 and in New York in 2018. With his signature black and white, Fink registered the density of the participants’ expressions, ranging from tough to sad, from worried to enraged, from “accidentally  hopeful” to infused with sorrow.


Trump, of course, was the elephant in the room, but unlike the adorable trunk-equipped animal, the President of the United States was happily and frequently mentioned. “Motherfucker”, “Imbecile” and equivalent terms were easily dropped by the photographer in between collective giggles, an harmonica little tune (Fink doesn’t seem to appreciate silence nor empty moments) and the inevitable parallel with Berlusconi.

Fink showing his “professional” camera

But let’s not be fooled by the author’s relaxed, lighthearted style and natural ability to induce a smile: he is as earnestly and passionately  against the current President of the United States of America as the subjects of his photos are. And “worry”, “fear”, are concepts that he stressed well during the presentation of his work as well as perfectly captured with his camera.

© Larry Fink

Talking about cameras, Fink (who in the past also covered vip parties and celebrities and who published about a dozen of books) was proud to show us the little unpretentious Sony Rx 100 that he used for all the photos on display. «Feel free to buy your thousand dollars camera. But that is not the point» he remarked, while stressing the importance of looking for the humanity, the authenticity and the beauty of each subject. And to a white bearded guy who asked why he always and only used black and white he said «I couldn’t represent your beauty otherwise, couldn’t capture the beautiful pink your your skin in colors». Indeed, he captured and honored the nuances of the two marches, in a black and white kaleidoscope of emotions.


Now will be on display at Spazio Labò until June 22nd

The artist will remain in Bologna until May 22 for an artistic residency. Focussing on “Italian aristocrats”, ’till May 22nd at the same venue, where the new photos taken will be progressively added.

Spazio Labò is in Strada Maggiore 29



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