Little places I love: Lestofante is an experience of cosyness

Let’s open a new series that I’ll just call “Little places I love”.  Or #littleplacesIlove if you like. Lestofante is small and yes I love it. If we were in Holland I’d say it’s gezelling, a wonderful dutch term that summarizes a bouquet of feelings: “cosy”, “intimate”, “welcoming”, “convivial”. You get the idea.



Not properly a restaurant and not just a bar, you must go there on purpose: Via Petronio Vecchio, as central as it is, is quite a secluded street despite hosting a couple of little gems like “free bookshop” Libri Liberi as well as this place that, just like neighbor Bar Maurizio (round the corner in Via Guerrazzi), is often packed. It’s open for lunches and dinners, and in the evenings as well as for the aperitivo it hosts a young and relaxed crowd.


It opened the same year I moved back to Bo (2013) and changed ownership two years later while keeping  its original spirit: no fuss, nice wine, nice solid food from nearby farms. The young couple (plus a doggie) that is behind the counter today is friendly and relaxed and the food, of good quality despite its apparent simplicity, is amazingly low budget.18274728_1300662840049274_5601562735836244033_n

The last time, for example, we had a glass of Lambrusco, a big platter of cheeses and charcuterie all coming from a little farm in Romagna, two big vegetarian crostini and a bottle of water, all for 14 euros. Quite amazing. Especially if you consider how central the place is and how lovely is to spend time there, with the nice selection of music, the dim lightning and the recycled tables and vintage chairs.


Is simple the new gourmet? Perhaps not but it’s always refreshing to find an honest menu with few simple choices, where a “panino” is a “panino”, not “Our deliciously home-made dark bread slices each grilled and filled with the finest selection of bla bla bla”. And you’ll always been served with a smile, which is definitely a bonus.

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