Morning grace #2: Flowers ‘n fruits in Piazza Aldrovandi

Luckily, Bologna has many farmers’ markets. The latest addition is in Piazza Aldrovandi, where from the beginning of october to the end of january a cosy, one-lined market takes place every sunday morning.



With its bizarre shape – something in between a little piazza and a large street – this square named after collector and naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi has a casual charm.


It was formerly known as “Seliciata di Strada Maggiore” where “Seliciata” takes its name from the filling of a big moat left from the former walls. But enough with history fun facts and back to the present, when you can begin your sunday morning with a lazy cappuccino at Caffè della Sartoria and the continue with a little shopping for the essentials: apples, pears, plants, wine, veggies.


You can also find some of the season’s specials: pumpkin, persimmon and chestnuts


with the latest also in the roasted (“Caldarroste”) version


plus the lovely corner devoted to everything you can make out of lavander.


Basically, the epitome of a relaxed sunday market, with a cosy and bourgeois atmosphere. Perfect for a little lazy stroll and some last minute grocery shopping. And now sorry fellas, I have roast in the oven.

Cartolina fronte(1)
The market is somehow pompously called “Colori e profumi delle stagioni in Piazza Aldrovandi” and is on every sunday 8.30 to 13.30 ’till January 28



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