Alchemilla Bio, they make me happy

In a restaurant scene where veggie is still all too often synonym with improvisation or glamorization, it is refreshing to have finally found a place where you can eat green and healthy with very little expense and complete palatal satisfaction.

Crocchette di miglio con verdure e peperoni in crema aromatica di zucchine.
Mile croquettes with peppers and mixed vegetables in an aromatic zucchini cream

Such place is in Via Mascarella, just two steps from Montagnola and the Uni, and it is called Alchemilla Bio. I discovered them not too long ago on a saturday casual lunch and loved them ever since. But since I also love my little readers, I wanted to make sure that it was really as good as the first time before reviewing it. So I ordered a home delivery from them via Sgnam. And again. And again.

their lovely vegan curry mayo

And now my lazy ass only makes me order it at home, but I’m aways happy. Today’s menu was: spelt with peppers, aubergines and tofu cubes with aromatic herbs, jackdaws and fennel on a spicy breading and a fresh salad with peach, celery and mint oil. All for 8.50 and all clearly cooked with care and taste. Every day there’s a whole new menu as long as the regular (farinata, savory cakes, vegan focaccias and so on). Recipes are creative and next autumn I will definitely take one of their cooking classes.

Torta salata con sfoglia semintegrale con scarola, uvetta, pinoli e olive nere al forno.
Quiche with endive, raisins, pine nuts and black olives

No, I’m not advertising a place for a revenue o inserting a promotion in my page, it is just that I often order (at the restaurant and at home) a supposedly interesting vegetarian plate to find a random mix of casually assembled spices, the type of food a student at the first year of university cooks to feel “exotic” while making her own food for the first time. And it saddens me to see people still paying for sad cafeterias and/or pretentious new restaurants that are just surfing the wave of the healthy/vegetarian trend but clearly have no culinary culture whatsoever.

una base di frutta secca e datteri, e la crema è a base di anacardi e mirtilli.
Raw cake with dried fruits and dates base, cashew cream and blackberries

So I’m simply glad I finally found this little place where everything tastes good and is delivered with care and simple grace. And is also vegetarian (most options are actually vegan) and organic. I’ve tried most dishes so far and delivered a penchant for their little vegetarian meatballs (last I tried was lentils and aubergine with a sauce of dried cherry tomatoes and basil), all of their choices of herbs and seasonings and the lovely vegan cakes. Nothing wrong to say about this place, really. Just Keep up the good work Alchemilla guys!

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