Rifiuti, a meditation on garbage from the kings (and queen) of recycle

Like some of you know, I’m a fan of Fratelli Broche, vintage dealers by day, artistic duo by night. So I’m happy to announce their latest work Rifiuti, hosted by gallery/factory Adiacenze, a perfect combination of both identities.

Rifiuti 7_Fratelli Broche-Giuseppe Anthony Di Martino

Rifiuti is both a project and an exibition. The latter, opening friday march 5th, is made of a series of shots taken by young  photographer Giuseppe Anthony Di Martino, showing the universe once orbiting around dumpsters. According to the artists, trash containers are desappearing urban icons, symbolic objects that are rapidly vanishing from the city center(s). As collectors of old clothing and lovers of recycle in any form, Fratelli Broche (whose artistic persona actually inglobes another vintage queen, La Leonarda‘s Angela Menegoni) appear in the photos while interpreting some tableaux vivants around Bologna’s streets (and dumpsters). An installation then follows, reproducting a real landfill where nature and consumerism collide: an old hat becomes a bird’s nest, someone’s “waste” is someone else’s treasure.

Rifiuti 1_Fratelli Broche_Giuseppe Anthony Di Martino

As with their daily job, the “message” is clear: we are surrounded by stuff, we buy far more than we need, at the risk of being overwhelmed with hundreds of useless things while we could value and treasure just a few, selected (and preferably recycled) ones.

Rifiuti 2_Fratelli Broche- Giuseppe Anthony Di Martino

Thus comes the second part of the project: the final act of the Rifiuti project, Eccesso (“Excess”) is a performance taking place Sunday May 7th, again portraying and discussing the role of dumb consumerism and vicious circles in a society that seems to be forcing us to keep buying, consuming and ultimately feeling suffocted by a sterile overload. If art isn’t a solution, it can at least be a usuful pause from this endless cycle.

Rifiuti/Eccesso is at Adiacenze, Vicolo Santo Spirito 1. Exibition opens Friday 5th at 7.30 PM, PErformance Sunday 7th at 5.30 PM

2 thoughts on “Rifiuti, a meditation on garbage from the kings (and queen) of recycle

  1. What wonderful photos and a thought-provoking project!

    Two international moves and progressively smaller homes have given me a much stronger understanding of how little we really need. My books, my pictures, and a few odds and ends that have strong memories attached are what I try to limit myself to now. I get the urge to buy cute things, of course, but I do tend to think twice about it now. When I do buy something, I love when I can find something original/handmade, vintage or upcycled. We still have our fair share of Ikea, but it does a good job of holding those important pieces. 🙂

  2. Beatiful pictures, aren’t they? I especially like the last one, makes me think of some XIX century Russian novel 🙂
    I completely agree with you, have the same view, even though I still have problems with letting go of things and aspire to a minimalism I will probably never get. But working on it 🙂

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